Cake Mapping for the Masses.

Hello, Future Cake Mapper!

Cake mapping uses projected light to wrap 3D video and images around your cakes. It allows you to create a truly immersive experience and make your cake the star of every event!

It’s easy to spend months of time and hundreds of dollars trying to learn cake mapping on your own. It’s a lot to learn, especially for someone who might rather be in the kitchen than behind a computer screen.

Cake mapping may sound expensive, complicated, and time consuming, and I assure you that it used to be! When I decided to learn cake mapping, it was all trial and error and crying and throwing icing against the wall and giving up and starting over again. Thankfully for you, I stuck it out and created Pixel Dust, and now that struggle is obsolete. I am here to take all the guess work out of cake mapping so you can spend your time creating cakes and getting awesome results. It’s my dream to bring cake mapping to the masses.

I’m hosting a FREE Cake Mapping Workshop to give you an overview of cake mapping and find out what interests you, confuses you, and inspires you the most!

What’s in it for me, you ask? Well, I’m in the process of designing a comprehensive Cake Mapping Design School to walk bakers and entrepreneurs step-by-step to cake mapping success *cue glitter drop* and your feedback during the Cake Mapping Workshop will be invaluable in helping me make sure that I design a course that meets the need of people just like you.

It’s really a win-win.

In the workshop, I’ll give you an introduction to cake mapping. We’ll talk about what kind of equipment you need, where you can get your video content, how people are currently using cake mapping, and how you can avoid big mistakes that I see ALL the time to launch a cake mapping business that will blow the socks right off of your customers.

And I am talking a LOT of bare feet.

Drop your email below, and I’ll save you a seat!