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So what is cake mapping, you ask? It’s the art of icing with light. It’s like real life Snapchat for baked goods. Cake mapping uses projected light to wrap 3D video and images around cakes. And the good news is, the Pixel Dust method makes it a lot easier than it looks.

So many people see cake mapping for the first time, and they think it’s amazing. They dream about how they could use it in their business, but they have no idea how it works. They might think it’s too technical, too expensive, or too time consuming, and they’re right – or at least they were until I came along!

I get tons of messages from bakers and entrepreneurs in my Instagram inbox every week. They want to know which projector to buy, which software to use, and the best practices for cake mapping in their business.

And I totally understand. Back when I decided to learn cake mapping, it was all trial and error and throwing icing against the wall and giving up and starting over again. There’s no formal education for cake mapping. There was no one to call when I got stuck or had a question. Most of the people with the skills to do projection mapping are Imagineering for Disney or producing for huge festivals and charging $10,000 for three minutes of video! Those guys don’t have the time or motivation to sit down and teach regular people like you and me how to do it.

I spent tons of money buying every projection mapping software I could find, and hours watching youtube tutorials, rewinding, and watching again, but still I was getting nowhere. I holed up in my spare bedroom for months until one day all the pieces clicked together, and I realized I could combine systems to bring cake mapping to the masses with a simple easy process that only takes a few minutes.

I’ve done all the research. I’ve tried all the software. I waded through everything I could find on the subject, and I’ve developed an easy straight forward process that can get anyone cake mapping in minutes, without spending months of time or hundreds of dollars. In fact, my workshop is going to help you map your first cake for absolutely free.

So why would I do that? It’s because I love projection mapping. I love how easily it adds mystery and magic to the real world. I love how it makes everyday objects more than they already are. I love how it brings cakes to life, and I love how happy it makes people.

I could keep my cake mapping secrets to myself, but I believe that’s the wrong thing to do. I truly believe that this technology has the potential to spread across the globe, if people are given the opportunity to learn. I want to raise an army of cake mapping artists to help me spread magic far wider than I could ever spread it by myself.

I’m going to help you launch a cake mapping business that will blow the socks right off of your customers.

And I am talking a LOT of bare feet.

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