Meet Pixel Dust


At Pixel Dust, we use projected light to wrap motion video and images around 3D objects in a method called projection mapping. It creates stunning effects for special events, magical holiday displays, enhancement of your living space, or memorable consumer experiences in retail settings. With projection mapping, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

We believe that bringing magic into everyday life inspires all of us to create more fearlessly, dream more wildly, and live more freely. Projection mapping has long been reserved for major production companies and theme parks due to the high production costs and complicated software.

But that’s where Pixel Dust comes in. Our downloadable plug and play video content has been pre-mapped to fit a variety of surfaces. You don’t need expensive software or special effect skills. We give you the power to create magical effects in your own home or business with any computer and projector.

That’s how we spread the magic. And we think that’s what life is all about.

Do you have a custom project you’d like us to work on? Check out the Contact Us page for a free quote. A designer will get back with you soon.