Pixel Dust is LIVE!

I fell in love with projection mapping back in 2016 on an impulse trip to Disney World with a girlfriend. I was blown away on that cold and rainy February day by how much magic real-life animation infused into my experience. It wasn’t until a year later when I finally learned what the technique was called.

Since then I’ve been on a mission to use projection mapping to create magical experiences in other real world environments. I believe that projection mapping encourages us to dream beyond the ordinary and rethink our regular understanding of the world around us.

But projection mapping is hard. And expensive. And time consuming. I knew all about the amazing things we could do to our environment, but the barriers to making them happen was just too high. Most people have never heard of projection mapping for this very reason.

So I shifted my focus from what I could make with my own two hands, to what I could help others create in the world by breaking down the barriers that keep the projection mapping field narrow and exclusive. I decided to be the link between the tech and the everyday people I imagined creating incredible projection mapping experiences in our schools, libraries, hospitals, and stores.

There’s so much potential for magic in our world. I’m going to help us harness it.



I'm a projection artist, cake mapper, and the founder of PixelDusted.com. I'm glad you're here! Take a look around. I hope to see you in one of our online cake mapping courses or connect with you on Instagram. Interested in collaborating? Contact me at team@pixeldusted.com.


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